For this Spring-Summer 2024 collection, Zilli invites us to explore new horizons. Drawing inspiration from journeys across the West, the Zilli man travels and explores his surroundings, from arid landscapes to the boundless sea. A true celebration of modern colors, freedom, and the wild nature, as well as the effortless style and serene attitude of a summer break. Crafted in Zilli’s workshops in Lyon, Bergamo, and Pescara, the collection combines artisanal craftsmanship with a modern and relaxed aesthetic to dress today’s adventurer.

At daybreak, the Zilli man awakens in a sunlit setting where modern architecture meets the first rays of the sun. Here, authenticity and elegance merge, showcasing a contemporary style that defies time. A MODERN SUMMER RETREAT
Each piece of the Zilli collection is designed with particular attention to detail, preparing the Zilli man for a day of escape.
As the day takes off, the Zilli man ventures into an exploration of wild terrains. The interplay of shadows and lights creates a landscape of striking beauty, highlighted by a collection that combines boldness and elegance. ADVENTURE IN STYLISH WILDERNESS
At midday, the Zilli man discovers the thorny beauty of summer, a landscape where the ruggedness of arid terrains meets the fleeting bloom of the deserts SUMMER’S THORNY BEAUTY
With the sunset, the Zilli man reaches the ocean.The warm, golden light is reflected in the transparent waves. THE SUN- KISSED SHORES