An urban adventurer, the ZILLI man, travels the metropolitan cities of the world imposing his style. Cut in the noblest materials; his wardrobe ref lects French elegance. Carefully selected leathers and fabrics underline the mastery of the cuts and the meticulous finishes. Fall/Winter 2019-20
The sun sets on the gold and silver hues, reflected in the new ZILLI collection.
A story is being written at the heart of the city: a tale of men of taste who revel in their passions at full speed.
Jackets made from the precious leathers that are their strength and their power.

From New York to Paris, Moscow or Hong Kong,… The ZILLI man is out to conquer an urban universe that has become his playground. Black and Gold code
The perfect illustration of the style of an assertive man with a conquering spirit, strolling through the city with a gentleman's air.
A megapolis in perpetual movement by night, bathed in metallic-toned lights.
The hustle of the night gives way to the first light of day
Silhouettes are lighter in grey, blue and burgundy tones.

The city offers itself up to the modern day explorer with a determined glint in his eye and an air of confidence.