ZILLI branded products are sold exclusively in Zilli shops and via a network of official approved retailers, which can be identified by a "certificate" displayed in the store.

Since June 2018, ZILLI sells its products through its dedicated official E-shop www.zilli.com, the largest selection of Zilli creations on the market. Zilli has also allowed a select number of authorized e-retailers to sell its products online: They are genuine specialists of Luxury Menswear and accessories with international reputation and follow our brand ethics and commercial guidelines . Should you have questions on the authenticity of a product or a website, please contact us via our chat on zilli.com

Maison ZILLI cannot guarantee the quality, much less the authenticity, of products purchased from retail networks other than its own official retailers, which are duly certified and able to provide a certificate of authenticity upon request. 

In addition, ZILLI will not be held responsible for assessing the authenticity of products sold and/or purchased via any retail networks, which it does not support, and against which this message should serve as a warning to our customers.


Internet auctions and small ads

We check dozens of platforms worldwide on a daily basis and have auctions and ads relating to any fake ZILLI products we find removed.

Internet hosting services and technical service providers

Our activities assert our intellectual property rights, in particular copyright laws, forcing Internet hosting services to close down the sites they are hosting and that we have identified as selling counterfeits and violating our intellectual property rights.


Domain names and UDRP procedures

If we find a website that regularly reappears, we initiate measures to formally cancel the site's domain name or similar measures with the various organisations, which are given the power through this international agreement to remove a website address from registers or to force registration organisations to do the same.

Blogs and social networks

Counterfeiters are crafty - they use blogs which in fact simply redirect Internet users to sites selling counterfeit goods. We get rid of these blogs.

We also monitor social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, which are used by counterfeiters to try to sell their products. As soon as these kinds of profiles are found, we have them removed from the sites concerned.


Our brands are registered with customs organisations all over the world. We work with customs organisations, either directly or through our lawyers, on investigations, checks and recovery operations.

Civil proceedings

We adopt a graded strategy according to the seriousness of counterfeit operations. We use all the legal devices available to us: Letter of formal notice, order for seizure of counterfeit goods, order to freeze the assets of counterfeiters, summary proceedings and main proceedings.

Criminal proceedings

If a criminal proceeding can be introduced against the perpetrator of counterfeit acts, we work closely with the police and legal authorities in the country concerned to ensure that criminal proceedings are brought against them.

We always verify our information sources. We adapt our strategy to the circumstances and the geographical zone concerned, but we always take actions in every single case. This is what we mean by "zero tolerance". No counterfeiter should think that we would not take proceedings against them on the grounds that their activities remain limited.